Selected Writings

1.8 Billion Tons More Greebhouse Gasses Will Be Released, Thanks to Trump 9/28/2020

Can Nuclear Power's Deadly Waste Be Contained in a Warming World? 9/23/2019    PDF

Is America Abandoning its Bravest Heroes Yet Again?   Apr 21, 2014

Radioactive Eye Glasses… Silverware… Zippers… Hip Joints… Anyone?   Feb 7, 2013

Can a Small Community Throw a Monkey Wrench Into the Global Fracking Machine? Jan 29, 2013

Nuclear Damage Control  Feb 10, 2012

Fukushima Update: Why We Should (Still) Be Worried    Jan 20, 2012

Nuclear Revival? Lessons for Women from the Three Mile Island Accident   (Common Dreams) Spring 2011


World Watch

Brave Nuclear World? Part 1   May/June 2006

Brave Nuclear World? Part 2   July/Aug 2006

The Shape of Forests to Come?   May/June 2005


Sierra Magazine

Spinning Science into GOLD   July/Aug 2001



A "Glitch" in Democracy   May/June 2004

Destroying the Forests to Save Them   Nov/Dec 2002

Recasting the Web   July/Aug 2002

Nuclear Power Gets Media Makeover  July/Aug 2001

West Nile Attack    Nov/Dec 2000

Genetic Gambling   May/June 2000



Remembering Rosalie Bertell, the “Anti-nuclear Nun" Dec 2012

Trashing the Planet for Natural Gas   Dec 2010

Half-truths, Errors and Omissions Propel Current Nuclear Revival   June 2010

What Really Happened at Three Mile Island   June 2009

False Starts and False Solutions: Current Approaches in Dealing with Climate Change Sept 2008

Don't Get Fooled Again - Nuclear Power Still Expensive, Still Dirty, Still Dangerous 01/2001

Radioactive Dumping On The Public   March 13, 2003

Environmentalists = Terrorists   May 8, 2003

Is Our Food Safe?  Feb 23, 2003

Genetically Modified Outcome   Feb 13, 2003

Down on the Farm: Modern Day Sharecroppers AlterNet   Jan 25, 2002

PESTICIDE WARS: The Troubling Story of Dr. Omar Shafey  Nov 2001

PESTICIDE WARS: When Agriculture and Public Health Collide     Jan 29, 2002

PESTICIDE WARS: The Solution   Jan 29, 2002


The Nation 

 Block 'Mobile Chernobyl'  1/21/1999


Yes! Magazine

A Sewer Becomes a Water Park 12/31/03


In These Times Magazine

The “K” Word   May 19, 2003

Seeds of Domination  Feb 10, 2003

Down on the Biopharm   Feb 13, 2003


Mother Earth News

Genetically Engineered Food: Promises & Perils Oct/Nov 2002


PR Watch, Vol. 6, No. 4, Fourth Quarter 1999

The links below are to the pdf of the entire issue. Scroll down for each story.

Force Feeding Genetically Engineered Foods (p. 1)

The Professor Who Can Read Your Mind (p. 6)

"Biotechnology Will Feed the World" and Other Myths (p. 8)

Saving the World with Pestilent Statistics (p. 10)


The Orchardist  (New Zealand)

Patent wars shadow research future  Nov 1997

Biotechnology takes off: American agriculture takes the plunge   Aug 1996




Decommissioning the nuclear power plant at Haddam Neck, Connecticut, Jan 2006.

Storage of high level nuclear waste in dry casks at Haddam Neck, Jan 2006. Air downwind of site produced radioactive exposure equal to or greater than flying at 35,000 feet.
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